Being a French Chef and have obtained a reputation to use only fresh and local ingredients. It was a natural transition for Gérard to become a Holistic Nutritionist. As a chef, he has first-hand experience of being able to transform traditional recipes into healthy, delicious meals that respect his clientele’s food intolerances and preferences. His combined passion for food with his intimate knowledge for nutrition allows Gérard the ability to fully cater to the wellbeing of his clients through the use of food, supplements and lifestyle. He knew then that taking care of the wellbeing of a person will be and is now his primary focus and passion of his career.

As the founder of Santé et Harmonie, Gérard Jeantet is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist who graduated from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition (IHN) where he also obtained a Certificate of Clinical Iridology

Gérard seeks to identify the root cause of his clients' health concerns and works to address them through whole foods, supplements, herbs, emotional empowerment tailored specifically to the individual client’s needs.

Gérard Jeantet is an accomplished French Chef who brings more than 30 years experience to the kitchen of a restaurant or culinary school. A French chef to the core, Gérard was born in the city of Vendôme, approximately 200 kilometers from Paris. Gérard joked that his mom repeatedly warned him not to play with food when he was little. At the age of eleven, he dreamed of becoming a chef. Beginning in his early teenage years, he trained all over France and worked in the restaurants, hotels and catering firms. He worked in cities like the City of Lights, the Cote d’Azur, Provence and Switzerland. His experience brought him to a three-star Michelin restaurant and he catered private parties at the French Consulate residence during 1994 and 1995.

Gerard is versatile and flexible in his cooking. He can prepare simple traditional or contemporary French dishes or more exotic French dishes but in everything he puts his hands on including his presentation of the dishes, one can always taste or see his underlying French training.

Gérard is also an active teacher for culinary schools and has successfully conducted many series in French, Italian cuisine and pastry from introductory to advanced levels. His easy going, patient and detailed-oriented nature enables him to listen and understand the needs of a student. He has the ability to relate to his students at their level of understanding and is able to help them reach new levels of awareness. He also recognizes that each person is built differently and has a different learning style.

Through his many years of learning how to best utilize the fresh product in his cooking, Gérard has an acute sense and respect for herbs. He understand the many ways of growing vegetables and has an appreciation for the labour and knowledge of farmers as well as the effect of chemicals on products in agriculture.

As an accomplished pastry chef, he understands the full and long term effect of dairy, fat and sugar on the body. Gérard believes that his many years of experience in the food industry will give him a good foundation and added advantage for the nutritional field. Now more than ever, people in general are more health conscious. Gérard’s desire is to integrate his creativity in food preparation and his nutrition knowledge so that he can offer a healthy, nutritious and balanced diet menu.  This includes helping others  restore their health so that they can enjoy their food and live their lives healthily.

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