Gerard Jeantet

Gerard Jeantet
Clinical Iridologist & Certified Holistic Nutritionist practitioner



* Services available in French and English

The iris is the “colored” part of the eye. It surrounds the contractile center, or pupil. Light enters through the pupil and is focused by the lens into an image on the retina. The nerves of the iris are connected to a part of the brain known as the hypothalamus. The left eye is believed to correspond with the left side of the body and the right eye with the right side of the body. In general, the higher organs (brain, thyroid) are at the top of the iris and the lower organs (kidneys) are at the bottom. In reading the iris to gain insight to the body there are several characteristics that are studied. These include, but are not limited to layers, colors, rings and spots.

Iridology believes that each organ in the body is connected to the eyes and if any part of the body is not functioning properly, then it can be seen and mapped on the iris. There are different lesions ranging from acute to degenerative and iridology is a great way to pinpoint the stage of the body’s imbalance of a client. The eye reading does not diagnose, however, it does reveal genetically weak areas. The benefits gained by locating a person’s weaknesses are many. Iridologist’s know that any toxins taken into the body if not immediately eliminated will affect and sometimes settle into the weakest tissues in the body. This process, iridologists believe, can lead to degeneration, possible disease, and at the least, irritation. Toxins are such things as air pollution, stress, polluted drinking water, household chemicals, preservatives, food additives, food colorings, pesticides and the general waste products the body makes on its own.

As a Clinical Iridologist and Certified Holistic Nutritionist practitioner from The Institute of Holistic Nutrition, I hope to help people to find a balance to improve their lives with good health as nature intended. I am also an Executive French Chef and Executive Pastry Chef with 35 years cooking experiences.

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